Utopian Night

Gilles & Cecilie Studio

With an united passion for art & design, that is fueled by creating projects, Gilles & Cecilie make great ideas happen, with illustration, installation and wallpainting.

50 x 70 cm
Limited edition of 250
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity provided
Printed on high quality fine Munken Polar

Worldwide shipping
Local currency: (approx.)
NOK 750 / SEK 810 / DKK 620 / GBP 70 / EURO 85 /JPY 9 600

$ 72

Utopian Night
With love for traveling and discovering new destinations, Gilles & Cecilie Studio pick up the best from each city and build the perfect imaginary place where cities are colorful and harmonic. Utopian Night is a piece from the Utopian City series, built with geometric shapes and a complex color palette. By changing the color palette they bring out the seductive and mystical night.