NA 256


Void is a computational design studio working in the intersection between design, architecture, art and technology. Through their innate cross-disciplinary approach to visual art, Void blurs the boundaries between what is normally referred to as real and virtual.

50 x 70 cm
Limited edition of 256
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity provided
Printed on high quality fine Munken Polar

Worldwide shipping
Local currency: (approx.)
NOK 1250 / SEK 1350 / DKK 1230 / GBP 120 / EURO 140 /JPY 16 000

$ 150

NA 256
An algorithm inspired by the Markov Chain model distributes the composition of each piece in the NA 256 series. The generative posters are made with a custom C++/openFrameworks software. The 8-bit color spectrum consist of 256 values, where each value is represented as a unique poster. Which value represents you?