Det Perfekte Menneske 5

Void is a computational design studio working in the intersection between design, architecture, art and technology. Through their innate cross-disciplinary approach to visual art, Void blurs the boundaries between what is normally referred to as real and virtual.

50 x 70 cm
Limited edition of 125
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity provided
Printed on high quality fine Munken Polar

Worldwide shipping
Local currency: (approx.)
NOK 1250 / SEK 1350 / DKK 1230 / GBP 120 / EURO 140 /JPY 16 000

$ 150

Det Perfekte Menneske – The Perfect Human
As humans in the 21st century, we consume imagery through platforms governed by machine learning algorithms invisible to the naked eye. In this collaborative series, the artists investigates what happens if these algorithms are allowed to intervene with the traditional process and understanding of portrait photography, effectively giving up control over how the most distinguishable part of the human anatomy is represented. 

Photography by Pernille Sandberg